Guideline for The Industrial Training Report

An Industrial Training report should be prepared for each period of approved employment. The report is expected to demonstrate development of practical and professional skills in Engineering through technical experience and application of theoretical knowledge and research project/topic if there is. Development of skills in dealing with people, and communication skills form part of the training experience. Students should seek advice from their employers to ensure that no confidential material is included into the report. The student should be able to present the report to prospective employers, as a complement to their degree. The following should be observed:

  1. Length of training
  2. Preliminary information
  3. Technical report/diary

References should be made in the text to books, technical papers, standards etc., used during the training period and should be listed.

Finally, a conclusion should include comprehensive comments on the type and value of experience gained, and how this relates to your professional career.

A copy of the report should be submitted to your employer (advised), another copy to the Faculty (required-through the respective Adviser). Students should also retain a personal copy (advised) of the report.

 Guideline for Preparation of Industrial Training Report

 1. Introduction

The purpose of the Industrial Training is to provide exposure for the students on practical engineering fields. Through this exposure, students will have better understanding of engineering practice in general and sense of frequent and possible problems. This training is part of the learning process. So, the exposure that uplifts the knowledge and experience of a student needs to be properly documented in the form of a report. Through this report, the experience gain can be delivered to their peers. A properly prepared report can facilitate the presentation of the practical experience in an orderly, precise and interesting manner.

2. Purpose of the Report

a) Put down in writing the record of the training experience i.e personal performance reflection;

b) Implanting engineering expertise onto the students, that is, preparation of technical reports, communications, technical evaluation and design;

c) Means of summarizing the experience of a student;

d) Train student in effective writing as a preparation for the Final Year Project.

3. Contents and Format of Report

The procedure for preparation of the report has to follow the format determined by the Faculty based on the guidelines below.

a) General Report Format

The report has to be typewritten on white A4 size paper, font-size of 12 points with type face of Times New Roman has to be used throughout the report, with line spacing of 1.5 (Appendix A).

            The report has to be properly bound with ‘staple and tape binding’.

b) Front Cover Format

Students are advised to use ‘310 gram Whiteart Card’ in as the front cover. The format for the front cover should be as shown in appendix.

c) Abstract/Preface

This section of the report should consist of brief description of the following:

  1. Activities of the Organization
  2. Summary of the Report
  3. Acknowledgement

This section of the report is limited to two (2) pages only. A sample is shown in Appendix.

d) Table of Contents

This section of the report should consist of:

  1. Titles
  2. Sub-titles
  3. Page numbers

Every appendix must have a title and each page must be page numbered accordingly.

e) Background of Company/Organization

Brief and concise description of the company/organization in which the student is undertaking the industrial training. The main items are:

  1. History
  2. Structural organization of main activity
  3. Title and position of the officer in responsible
  4. Others deemed necessary (no more than three (3) pages)

f) Summary of Duties (This section will be separate as LOG BOOK)

This section should be the brief description of the time, duration and types of duty carried out during the training. The description must follow the schedule of the training, that is, in chronological order (24 weeks). The days when the student is not on duty must be properly recorded with reasons given. Letter of permission must be attached in the appendix.

g) Working Experience

In this section, the student must descript the experience gained according to titles considered appropriate. For example, the main items are:

  1. Projects carried out
  2. Supervisory works
  3. Problems encountered
  4. Problems solved

h) Summary

Student should provide an overall discussion in this section and arrive at a conclusion with regards to the industrial training undergone. Subjects that may be presented are:

  1. Types of experience gained
  2. Problems
  3. Views and recommendations

i) References

Provided that there are important resources that are used as references while preparing the report, a complete list of the titles of references concern must be included.

j) Appendix

Appendixes are additional information considered appropriate to support the main text. Suggested appendixes are:

  1. Investigation/project report during the industrial training
  2. Technical drawings etc.


a) Figures/Tables

All figures, tables and similar contents must be captioned and labeled. Every figure or table must be mentioned in the main text.

b) List of Notations and Symbols

If the report contains notations and symbols, the full definition must be given when each notation or symbol first appeared in the main text. The list of notations and symbols with the full definitions can be placed after ‘Table of Contents’.

Every appendix must have a title and be mentioned in the main text where appropriate. All page numbers must for appendixes must be continual from the main text.

DO NOT include irrelevant materials, e.g. brochures from the organizations, order forms, organization newsletters and similar materials.