Important Notice

Important Notice
We informed you about following issues in orientation lecture

If you are working at different location from main company you should inform us about this using following form 

But it does not mean you can change company. It is not possible anymore.
Check the following example.
 ”Good morning sir, I am writing to notify you of my place of attachment. I am presently working in the ………………… office located in The head of service ……….. abuja building. The address central business district ………………………………. Thank you for your consideration.”
if you do not inform us before 
we suppose that you are working from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am-17:00 pm.
if you do not inform us when you are not around (with reasonable excuse)
we suppose you are not going IT.
if you can not answer the questions  clearly asked by school supervisor about your work during visitation 
we suppose you are not going IT regularly.
If you are not around during 1.visitation without inform us before  we will come again maybe tomorrow, next tomorrow or next week or next mount (it means any time) without inform you 
if we can not find you again it means you Fail the course.
For change&update use the following form. Do not send email directly to
Thank you
SIWES Coordinator

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